July 9, 2015

Preparing for Back to School by Mrs. Adamic

Summer mean many things to different people. If you ask my 15 year old son, you might get a response something like this, “summer is sleeping in daily, staying up late, playing video games, and spending time with extended family.” If you ask my husband you may hear, “summer is full of long, hot summer days and evening thunderstorms.” My daughter looks forward to less structured lazy days. Each of you have your own thoughts of summer which may include going to the pool, reading a good novel, going for a mountain drive and more. I am sure they are completely different than how I feel about summer.

Summer is by far the loneliest time of the year for a principal. I still have all the same reports to write and meetings to attend, but I do not have the pleasure of interacting with the students, which is my very favorite thing about being a principal. I walk up and down the lonely quiet hallways, looking for items to clean and repair without any similes from first graders or laughable sarcastic comments from 7th graders. I attend trainings and meetings with adults who don’t always know how to laugh at themselves and I try to find enjoyment without the giggles of the third graders headed out to recess. I miss the stories at the drinking fountain, the excuses about why they have to call their mother because they want to go home with a friend after school, the backpacks lining the hallway and the smell of burnt cup of noodles in the lunchroom. When will the misery end?

8:30 a.m., August 18, 2015 can not come soon enough for me. I look forward to seeing the nervous kindergarteners standing in line with their mothers, who are just as nervous as their children. I look forward to the smell of the laminator which was left on too long. I look forward to all the students with their shiny new shoes, clean uniforms that actually fit and non-stained white shirts. I look forward to all the back to school shopping and all the new school supplies. I look forward to watching the students greet their friends asking them, “what did you do this summer?” I look forward to seeing all the decorated bulletin boards and the creative classroom decorations the teachers work so hard on all summer long. I am sorry, but I look forward to the first day of school!

The first day of school is more exciting for me than Christmas Eve. The night before is sacred to me. I pack my lunch, lay out my clothes and pack my briefcase with everything I may need. I want to get a good night’s rest so I am fresh that morning, but it never happens. My mind races all night long, keeping me up thinking about how excited I am to see all the students, teachers and parents again. I jump out of bed before the alarm clock even goes off and quickly get ready to go to school. I stand outside on the blacktop so I can greet the students after the long 10 weeks of summer and I tell them how glad I am to see them again. I stand in the hallway so I can listen to the excited buzz spilling out of the classrooms. By the end of the day my smile bones, aka cheek bones, hurt form smiling all day long. Overall, the first day of school is my favorite day of the year.

I am very blessed to be able to go to “work” every day knowing that I do not want to do anything else. I love my job. I love the students. I love the parents. I love the teachers and staff. Simply, I love John Hancock Charter School. Thank you for letting me be a part of your child’s life. I am very grateful and I take this responsibility very seriously. I can’t wait to see you on the first day of school!

Best regards,
Mrs. Adamic

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