School LAND Trust

Charter Trust Land Council | 2021/2022

Melissa Heppler (Chair) –

Julie Adamic –

Steve Braegger –

Tammy Cloward –

Amanda Rigby –

Matt Rigby –



Meeting dates and times, as well as participation links, may be found on the school calendar. Simply click on the calendared event for ZOOM meeting access information.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes for the past year may be found under the following links:

11/16/2021 – Meeting Materials Pending

10/26/2021 – AGENDA | MINUTES

2/2/2021 – AGENDA | MINUTES

12/15/2020 – AGENDA | MINUTES

11/10/2020 – AGENDA | MINUTES

10/20/2020 – AGENDA | MINUTES

Agendas and Minutes for previous meetings may be obtained by contacting the school at 801-796-5646.


Current Year School LAND Trust Plan:

Find the current year (SY2021-22) plan HERE.

IMPORTANT! On the right-hand side of the page, under the “Public Reports Section” heading, select “Public Reports.” Search under “All LEAs” for “John Hancock Charter School.” Select “John Hancock Charter School.” Under “Schools,” select “John Hancock Charter School – (105).” Under “Reports” click on “School Plan” (2021-2022).  The School Plan 2021-2022 – John Hancock Charter School should now be available for your review.


Final Reports for the Two Years Prior:

Find the prior year (SY2020-21) plan HERE. (Link not currently available through

Find the prior year’s (SY2019-20) plan HERE. (Link not currently available through


SY2021-22 Teacher & Student Success Act Plan:

Link HERE for the entire plan document.


Historical Allocations for John Hancock Charter School, by fiscal year:

2022 – $44,197

2021 – $41,337

2020 – $39,948

2019 – $34,278

​2018 – $34,275

2017 – $28,457

2016 – $20,996

2015 – $19,221

2014 – $15,475

2013 – $12,653

2012 – $8,599

2011 – $7,748

2010 – $6,820

2009 – $7,618

2008 – $8,721

2007 – $9,176

2006 – $6,658

2005 – $5,699

2004 – $4,655


Invitation for Parental Involvement on the Council:

Each year there are opportunities for parents to serve on the Council. If you would like more information about how you may serve on the Council, please contact JHCS at 801-796-5646.


Learn more about the School LAND Trust program by linking here:



Council Rules of Order and Procedure:

The John Hancock Charter School’s Council uses the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct it’s meetings and formal proceedings.



John Hancock Charter School has been the best school for my kids! This is the eighth year I've been at JHCS and I can say that no other elementary school- charter or not- can provide a better experience, a better team of teachers and staff members, a better curriculum for their students, or a better environment to learn in. Those who are lucky enough to get into John Hancock Charter School feel as if they are part of one big family. The director and Principal of the school- for fifteen years now- has done an outstanding job making John Hancock Charter School one of the best schools in all of Utah!

Jeanie C.

I love John Hancock Charter School. They have amazing teachers and staff, small class sizes, and really inspire a love for learning. While not the most aesthetically pleasing campus, they use all resources and money to go directly back to help the students which is obviously most important.

Jess P.

Joining JHCS has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made for our children. They are receiving a top notch education and are growing and flourishing in their schoolwork. What doesn’t show up in their test scores are the extras that make JHCS stellar. The emphasis on a growth mindset and the encouragement to learn beyond the classroom will help them throughout their entire lives.

Nicole M., Parent