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Uniform Policy:

Monday Uniform (Required every Monday, and when going on field trips)

Monday Uniform Tops:

White button up dress shirt with a collar

Monday Uniform Bottoms:

Navy blue pants or shorts for boys. Girls may wear navy blue pants or shorts, or navy blue or Marymount plaid skirts or jumpers.

Regular Uniform (Worn Tuesday - Friday) - Regular Uniform Tops:

Red, White or Navy Blue polo shirts (long or short sleeved) and turtlenecks. Navy blue, white, or red cardigans, v-neck sweaters and sweater vests are allowed, but must be worn over a collared shirt. No hooded or zip sweaters or sweatshirts can be worn in the classroom. Sweaters and vests with a sewn-in, collared white shirt are allowed. School t-shirts are allowed on Fridays (can be purchased from the PTO at the beginning of the school year). All shirts must be tucked in.

Regular Uniform (Worn Tuesday - Friday) - Regular Uniform Bottoms:

Navy blue or uniform khaki (not the lighter stone color) shorts or pants (no cargo pockets). Girls can wear skirts and jumpers in navy blue, khaki, or the Marymount plaid or polo dresses in red or navy blue.


Ties are optional but should be navy blue or red if worn. Girls may wear crossover ties. Shoes should be conservative in style (no lights, wheelies, or characters) and closed toed. Socks should be uniform or neutral colors, ankle or knee length. Girls may wear opaque tights or leggings in navy blue or white with skirts or jumpers. Socks, tights, or leggings must be worn. Nylons are not uniform wear. Hair accessories should also be uniform colors or neutral.


John Hancock Charter School has been the best school for my kids! This is the eighth year I've been at JHCS and I can say that no other elementary school- charter or not- can provide a better experience, a better team of teachers and staff members, a better curriculum for their students, or a better environment to learn in. Those who are lucky enough to get into John Hancock Charter School feel as if they are part of one big family. The director and Principal of the school- for fifteen years now- has done an outstanding job making John Hancock Charter School one of the best schools in all of Utah!

Jeanie C.

I love John Hancock Charter School. They have amazing teachers and staff, small class sizes, and really inspire a love for learning. While not the most aesthetically pleasing campus, they use all resources and money to go directly back to help the students which is obviously most important.

Jess P.

Joining JHCS has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made for our children. They are receiving a top notch education and are growing and flourishing in their schoolwork. What doesn’t show up in their test scores are the extras that make JHCS stellar. The emphasis on a growth mindset and the encouragement to learn beyond the classroom will help them throughout their entire lives.

Nicole M., Parent