At JHCS, we provide students a challenging curriculum in the cultural and fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. We seek to instill a love of learning in all students and prepare them for a lifetime of achievement and enjoyment.

A number of factors set us apart from other schools in the area

We have an approved charter from the Utah State Office of Education and opened our doors in 2002, making us one of the most experienced charter schools in Utah. Our Board of Directors has diverse backgrounds and talents, and the core of the board has been with the school for over 15 years. We have high-quality teachers who seek out professional development and personal improvement and we were recognized by USCB for high teacher retention rate. Our teachers are often presenters at state and national conferences including: National Core Knowledge Conference, SDE Differentiated Instruction Conference, Utah Charter Network Symposium, UCET Conference and State English Language Arts trainers.

Strong connection between home and classroom:
Teachers conduct home visits each summer and make regular contact with parents, which allows for excellent communication between home and school. We also have an active PTO organization which gives caregivers opportunities to serve and connect with the school in meaningful ways. We have a high parent/teacher conference participation rate of over 96% of parents attending. We have received several grants and community support and donations.

We were recognized for our educational excellence by the Core Knowledge Foundation and received a designation of Official Core Knowledge Visitation Site. Several staff and faculty members have been recognized with Charter School Teacher of the Year, Charter School Trail Blazer, Charter School Business Administrator of the year and more. We were recognized as the Utah Charter School of the Year in 2007, as well as the top performing middle school in Utah County by the Sutherland Institute in 2007. We were recognized in 2019 by the Quantum Learning Foundation with a Krystal Key Award.

We are also continually recognized for our student performance. Our students typically score high in both reading and math according to the state assessments. We consistently have students represent the school at state level competitions such as the Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair, the National Geographic Bee, and the Scripps Spelling Bee. Parents, students and staff rank our school as “Superior” for the following categories: Parent Support, Teacher Excellence & Instructional Quality, Student Commitment, and School Leadership.


We were first exposed to John Handcock Charter School when we moved here 6 years ago my Stepmother in law, she raved about this school as her children had gone here. We applied and were fortunate enough to get into our first year. We have been so impressed since that point. JHCS thinks of kids first. They pay attention to what each individual student needs. They pay attention to their academic needs and use math coursework that better prepares students for higher education. They use music, and art to produce a better well-rounded student. It has been proven time and time again that having music and art is just as important as other education. When the pandemic hit we were blown away by the method in which they handled themselves. Each student had completed assignments and daily teaching by the teachers not just handed a chrome book and said good luck. JHCS focuses on getting and maintaining phenomenal teachers. From Kindergarten on every teacher we have had is amazing. JHCS keeps recess this is so big in a world where kids need movement along with education they do not sacrifice exercise instead they incorporate it and use it. They work to teach students in a way that makes them excited to go to school. The teachers are frequently communicating what is going on with my individual students, and what is going on in the school overall. My older children that have graduated from JHCS have lifelong friendships that have continued despite going to a different school because JHCS encourages kindness. They also focus on mental health to help students progress and move forward. They are truly learning lifelong healthy skills.

Stacy Hawks

I have had kids at John Hancock Charter School for 12 years now, and I have been consistently impressed with the high levels of caring and dedication from everyone there. The teachers truly care about the kids in their classes and ensuring their success. The small size creates a real feeling of family at the school, and my kids feel like they know their teachers before they even step into their classrooms. The curriculum at John Hancock goes well beyond reading and math. My kids are conversant with ancient and modern history, principles of science, art history, and even music. John Hancock is a school that has high expectations for kids, and then gives them the tools to meet those expectations.

Erika Nelson

John Hancock Charter School has been the best school for my kids! This is the eighth year I've been at JHCS and I can say that no other elementary school- charter or not- can provide a better experience, a better team of teachers and staff members, a better curriculum for their students, or a better environment to learn in. Those who are lucky enough to get into John Hancock Charter School feel as if they are part of one big family. The director and Principal of the school- for fifteen years now- has done an outstanding job making John Hancock Charter School one of the best schools in all of Utah!

Jeanie C.

I love John Hancock Charter School. They have amazing teachers and staff, small class sizes, and really inspire a love for learning. While not the most aesthetically pleasing campus, they use all resources and money to go directly back to help the students which is obviously most important.

Jess P.

Joining JHCS has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made for our children. They are receiving a top notch education and are growing and flourishing in their schoolwork. What doesn’t show up in their test scores are the extras that make JHCS stellar. The emphasis on a growth mindset and the encouragement to learn beyond the classroom will help them throughout their entire lives.

Nicole M., Parent